IMG_0804My name is Cameron Nugent and I am a PhD candidate at the University of Guelph working under the supervision of Moira Ferguson and Roy Danzmann. I am a bioinformatician with a research focus on evolutionary genomics. The model organism of choice for my PhD is Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus), a tasty species of fish with a very interesting genome. The Arctic charr I work on are grown in aquaculture facilities and one of the main focuses of my research is identifying regions of their genome influencing traits that are important to farmers. Specifically, I’m working to identify the parts of the genome that make them grow big… good trait for farmed fish! You can find a more detailed summary of my research here.

My day-to-day research involves lots of work in the wonderful worlds of bioinformatics, statistics and data science. To get my work done I use a mixture Python and R to wrangle data and conduct analyses, and I’ve been know to mix a little bit of Go in for specialized tasks. On this website I have developed a section called ‘This thing I built’ where I discuss some of the code I’ve written and interesting programming related problems I’ve come across. For a more detailed picture of the programming I do you can check out my github page and my work and education history can be found on my CV

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